The group of Photosynthetic Bacteria

The kinds of Photosynthetic Bacteria

There are many kinds of Photosynthetic Bacteria, as follows. Photosynthetic Bacteria are widespread on the Earth; soil, paddy fields, rivers, mud in lakes, seas, etc.

Rhodospirillaceae Purple Non-sulfur Bacteria
Rhodospirillaceae Family, 4 Genera, 17 Species, 1 Subspecies
Purple Non-sulfur Bacteria
Chromatiaceae Family, 10 Genera, 27 Species Purple Sulfur Bacteria
Chlorobiceae Family, 8 Genera, 18 Species, 2 Subspecies Green Sulfur Bacteria
Chloroflexaceae Family, 3 Genera, 3 Species, 1 Subspecies Gliding Filamentous Green Sulfur Bacteria
Composition (in dry matter)

①Protein 66%, Lipid 7%, Carbohydrate 20%, Ash 4%, Fiber 3%
②The bacterial amino acid composition is equivalent to whole egg protein and/or milk protein as the nutritional standard protein.