Characteristics of Photosynthetic Bacteria

Cycle on Earth

Photosynthetic Bacteria is playing a major role in the circulation of C, N, S, H in nature.

Nitrogen cycle

Photosynthetic Bacteria have the functions of nitrogen fixation and denitrification that are the two main elements of the nitrogen cycle in nature, taking part in keeping the nitrogen balance, and playing the following roles in the coexistence between plants and animals.


Generally, plants absorb nitrogen in the form of nitrates. Nitrogen fertilizer (inorganic nitrogen) and organic nitrogen change to nitrate- nitrogen by nitrification and then are absorbed immediately through roots with nitrate-nitrogen as a source of nitrogen.


Photosynthetic Bacteria utilize (as feed, ingesting) the excess nitrogen for plants, and emit N2O and N2 by denitrification.

●Nitrogen fixation

Photosynthetic Bacteria take and fix the atmospheric nitrogen to ammonia nitrogen, amino acid and protein. Photosynthetic Bacteria keep the nitrogen balance in nature by the circulation of the reactions above. Additionally, Photosynthetic Bacteria have the increasing effect in the nitrogen cycle as characterized by living together with other useful bacteria.