PSB-MKK-A(Photosynthetic Bacteria)


PSB-MKK-A (Photosynthetic Bacteria)is a mixture of selected and cultured living photosynthetic bacteria. Thus, it has unique functions and characteristics which cannot not be found in one single species.


Number of living bacteria: 2×108/ml and over

Purple Non-sulfur Bacteria Rhodopseudomonas, Rhodospirillum, Rhodobacter, etc.
Purple Sulfur Bacteria Ectothiorhodospira, etc.
Function and use

Fixation of nitrogen and carbon.
Mitigation of nitrogen excess. Prevention of soil acidification.

Decomposition of harmful gases (Hydrogen sulfide, Ammonia).
Prevention of “Autumn Decline”. Prevention of harmful effects by gas.

Decomposition of organic matter.
Mitigation of continuous cropping hazards (Cleaning off Fusarium, etc.)

Use of bacterial components (Amino acid, Vitamin B).
Improvement of micro-flora in soil.
Promotion of photosynthesis during cloudy periods (Bacteria chlorophylls).
Promotion of fruit-bearing, setting, and pigmentation. Increasing of sugar content (Carotenoid, Vitamin B group).

Type of Packing

18ℓ/Can(18kg contained)・10ℓ/Poly-container(10kg contained)・5ℓ/Poly-container(5kg contained)