PSB-MKK-M(Photosynthetic Bacteria)


PSB-MKK-M (Photosynthetic Bacteria) is a mixture of selected and cultured living photosynthetic bacteria. Thus, it has unique functions and characteristics which cannot not be found in one single species.


Number of living bacteria:2×108ml and over

Purple Non-sulfur Bacteria Rhodopseudomonas, Rhodospirillum, Rhodobacter, etc.
Purple Sulfur Bacteria Ectothiorhodospira, etc.
Function and use

①For water purification
PSB-MKK-M effects water purification by decomposing harmful gases (Hydrogen sulfide, Ammonia) and organic matter.

②For fish growth promotion (mixing with feed at the early stage)
PSB-MKK-M effects fish growth as it contains vitamin B12, Folic acid, Pantothenic acid, etc. derived from bacterial body components.

Vitamin B Group Composition
Vitamin B1 12μg/g
Vitamin B2 50μg/g
Vitamin B6 5μg/g
Vitamin B12 21μg/g
Nicotinic Acid 121μg/g
Pantothenic Acid 30μg/g
Folic Acid 60μg/g
Biotin 65μg/g
Chemical Composition
Crude Protein 65.4%
Crude Fat 7.2%
Soluble Carbohydrate 20.3%
Crude Fiber 2.8%
Ash 4.3%
Type of Packing

18ℓ/Can(18kg contained)