Organic chemicals

CAT (Calcium thioglycolate)


C2H2CaO2S 3H2O Molecular Weight 184.23

The General Property

Chemical Structure 
Appearance ln the white or slightly yellow crystalline powder
Odor The slight unique smell does it.
Density O.4g/ml(apparent specific gravity)
CAS No.5793-98-6
Other CAT slightly has the hygroscopicity

Chloride 0.032% Under
Sulfate 0.013% Under
Heavy Metal(as Pb) 5ppm Under
Iron 10ppm Under
Arsenic 5ppm Under
Loss on drying 0.5% Under
Assay 97.0 % Over

Out Side : Net 18 liter in CAN. Inside : Net, 10 Kg in 2-ply polyethylene bag×1bag.

The Application

Epilating agents, Hair waving agents, etc.

The Attention in The Handling

Handling : Protection(gloves, goggles, dust mask) is required.
Storage : Store in dry, well ventilated area.
        : Keep container sealed when not in use.
        : Do not expose to humid condition.