Organic chemicals

5-NGSS (5-nitroguaiacol sodium salt)


C7H6NNaO4 Molecular Weight 191.12

The General Property

Chemical Structure 
Appearance In the orange or red crystalline
Ignition Point 402℃
CAS No.67233-85-6

Item Sodium 5-Nitroguaiacolate 50% Weight in Wet Base
Assay 49% Over
Water Content 49% Over
Chloride 0.02% Under
Arsenic 1ppm Under
Heavy Metal (as Pb) 5ppm Under

Out Side : Net 5 kg in box.
Inside : Net 1 kg in 2-ply polyethylene bag×5 bags.

The Application

The hair growth stimulantTbe plant growth promoter,
The plant fructification accelerator.

The Attention in The Handling

Handling : Protection(gloves, goggles, dust mask) is required.
Storage : Store in dry, well ventilated area.
        : Keep container sealed when not in use.
        : Do not expose to humid condition.