Inorganic chemicals

MK(Sodium Bisulfate)


NaHSO4 Molecular Weight 120.07

The General Property

Appearance Off-White, beadlike, granular, dry material
Density 1.2g/Inl(apparent specific gravity)
CAS No : 7681-38-1
UN No : 1821

Acidity (as H2SO4) 39.0 % Over
Moisture 0.5% Under
Assay (as NaHSO4) 95.5% Over
Insoluble matter 0.05% Under

: Net 25kg in a polyethylene bag.
: Net 1000kg in a flexible container bag.

The Application

The surface treatment agent of metal, pH-regulator agent, bleaching agent, Microbial inhibitor.

The Attention in The Handling

: Avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothing.
: Do not store Where exposed to moist conditions or near strong alkalies.
: Keep container tightly closed.
: Wear all recommended protective equipment When handling.