Philosophy of Industry

The world of chemistry makes progress everyday and enriches our daily lives. Mitajiri Chemical Industry looks toward the future with a powerful vitality through the production of raw materials, the basis of various chemicals, and research and development. With inexhaustible creativity and a challenging mind to the unknown, we look towards the future from a chemical point of view. Mitajiri Chemical Industry aims for a Creative Chemical Industry.

Philosophy of Management (Our Promise)

  • [Reason for existence]We contribute to society through our products and customer service.
  • [Aim of business]We aim for a prosperous coexistence with our customers.
  • [Aim of production]We will continue to improve and innovate.
  • [Aim of action]All employees work together to support and develop the company.
  • [Final goal]We aim for the physical and mental well-being of all our employees.