Easy to treat after use!! Contacted medium for ultra-sonic testing “Mitaecho”

To personnel handling the quality management/ultra-sonic testing: Do you have some problems in the removal of contacted medium?Please try using the contacted medium for ultra-sonic testing, “Mitaecho”, a Mitajiri original.

“Mitaecho” is new type of contacted medium for ultra-sonic testing which is completely soluble in water and makes a thin film after drying.
“Mitaecho” is optimal for testing steel-frame bridges, buildings, and structures, having the following characteristics.

  • Treatments during the process are simplified.
  • It is optimal for testing diaphragms in columns.
  • It is rustproof.
  • Because it makes a thin film, it will not cause weld defects.
  • It does not make the factory dirty.
  • It decreases the damage of ultra-sonic testing machines.
  • It helps lower costs.
  • It can be cleaned up with water after drying, if necessary.

“Mitaecho” can be selected in accordance with use.

“Mitaecho” (A contacted medium of non-glycerin paste)

This is a new type of contacted medium for the nondestructive testing of iron-frame buildings, bridge/steel frames, industrial plants, and steel- frame buildings, and is easy to handle after use.
We have 3 kinds of products; “Mitaecho-S” for general use, “Mitaecho-A” for freeze resistance in winter, and “Mitaecho-P” with anti- spatter agents.

  • “Mitaecho-S”for general use
  • “Mitaecho-P”with anti-spatter agent
  • “Mitaecho-A”with freeze resistance (can be use down to -20℃)

※When using the anti-spatter agent made by W Co. Ltd, we recommended “Mitaecho-P” for non-gelatinization.
※“Mitaecho-A” contains 5 times the humectant formulation ratio as compared to “Mitaecho-S (P)”
※“Mitaecho-A” characteristics: better acoustic effects, higher viscosity (less dripping), better resistance to freezing.

Contacted Medium Glycerin CMC Mitaecho-S (P) Mitaecho-A
Fast Drying ×
Ease of Coating × ×
Ease of Welding ×
Rust Resistance × ×
Tendency to Drip ×

Comparison in velocity and sensitivities

Contacted Medium 100%
CMC(5%) Mitaecho-S (P) Mitaecho-A
Velocity (m/s) A 1,920 1,860 1,493 1,520 1,705
Density(kg/m3) B 1.233 1.196 1.000 1.032 1.095
Acoustics(IP) C 2.43 2.22 1.49 1.57 1.92
Sensitivity(dB) D 0 0 -2.5 -2.0 -2.0
Sensitivity(dB) E 0 -0.6 -5.0 -5.0 -4.0
Viscosity(CP) F 1,000 40 6,080 2,500 3,800

※A: B: F: at 20℃
※C: (106kg/m2・S) at 20℃
※D:Coarse surface Rmax.20μm(Black Oxidized layer)by the angle beam method.
※E:Coarse surface Rmax.50μm by the angle beam method.

Type of Packing

18L/Can (18kg contained)